SASEDF started around 2010 under the WCSEDF as a result of small business exploitation within the short term insurance industry. This exploitation with low rates determine by the insurance industry resulted in various downstream effects such as not complying with labour relations and a direct blow to job creation.

After engagement with these Corporate Giants such as Absa Insurance Company it became evident an organisation was needed to foster a home for said exploited businesses in various sectors. It also became more evident that these Giants started with monopoly creation such as FOGI, DIGIcall, 1 Call Claims Solution, Network Assessor etc. These monopolies are white owned creating a perception mentorship to EME and SME’s just to position them for the New BEE Codes scoring brownie points on their BEE Certificate.

This marginalisation (of black smme’s) became a concern to the deprivation of labour and unemployment affecting them and their families and communities suffering. If SMME’s are supported in the industry it will stimulate work thus increasing the labour force and society can also rise from the poverty and stimulate our economy. Currently these corporates are choking the blacks and shoving them in dirt by creating barriers and shifting goal posts on promises to enter markets therefore they contribute directly to the suffering of labour and society by holding on to the economy and keeping it white. To them we are worthy only of the crumbs. They forget the labourers and their families who need to be fed. This they do without any shame.

 Around 2015 it was resolved to create a national body namely the SASEDF, a registered NPC protecting Small Business against Corporate South Africa and their implement agents, 3rd party agents, middleman and call centres are non-other than the old white boys club trying to create relevance controlling industries circumventing BEE. These implements agents, 3rd party agents, middlemen or call centres are empowered by Corporate South Africa therefore the arrogance of charging a “commission fee” on work they provide to Small Business up to a 5%.  

 The SASEDF objective is to lobby Government raise these injustices for Small Business to become successful, create growth creating sustainable jobs and businesses. To help start-up businesses with mentorship without claiming “commission fees” that can be used for business growth as Small Business are key to in terms of Economy Stimulation.

 The SASEDF will create an enabling environment between Corporate South Africa for Small Business without exploitation, without Corporate South Africa taking control of Small Business in all sectors

 The SASEDF is a platform for all sectors to align themselves under with or without registration representing themselves as they know their sector or trade.

 Therefore a project under the auspices of the WCSEDF, now The SASEDF called the Economic Equality (follow us on twitter) Charter where we say,

  • We will raise our voice
  • We will not be quiet
  • We will inform our fellow South African
  • Don’t take control of our businesses
  • As we seek a just business environment for Small Businesses


Any small business is welcome to join this forum and be included under the specific sectors and united we can go forward and overcome these giants.   

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