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The Association is a public, non-profit organization established for the following sole object:

The main objectives of SASEDF are to: 

Foster the social and economic development, in an environmentally sustainable manner, of the country both in and of itself and through established subsidiary economic forums on a provincial, regional and local level;

Create a discourse around substantive social and economic development, economic restitution and the transformation of the provincial, regional and local economies and social spaces with concrete proposals and actionables to facilitate change bearing in minding the environmental sustainability;

Capitalize on existing resources, government initiatives and national and international economic opportunities and concentrate on support for those groups with the most difficult access to regular economic and financial opportunities, with due regard to historical imbalances, race, class, gender, age and disability;

Foster cooperation and coordination of institutions and associations around a shared vision of national, provincial, regional and local economic development in an environmentally sustainable manner;

Promote small and medium-sized enterprises; help create and sustain entrepreneurial culture and cut through bureaucratic red tape that limits access to the formal economy and support from critical government business support funds, organizations, national, provincial and local departments;

Promote and help create/facilitate work opportunities for the unemployed and especially young people;

Plan and bring into being a system of services to public and private organizations that can support provincial, regional and local social and economic development in an environmentally sustainable manner;

Pay special attention to identifying the most vulnerable social groups and identifying poverty traps and helping NGO’s and NPO’s servicing those communities through access to skills to ensure sustainability and resources, providing linkages from a national level to grassroots level; and

Access and participate in large scale government and private sector projects and programs.

Overtime position the forum as a platform at which social dialogue will take place.

The secondary objectives of SASEDF will be to:

To work in collaboration with other organizations that mainly deals with social and economic development, transformation and restitution and support the NGO sector.

Where the need arise assist/represent unorganized workers and also work in collaboration with worker organizations. 



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